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We put your gas station in the right light

Illuminated signage is not only an important component of your corporate identity - your illuminated advertising boards also signal to your customers that your gas station is open. In addition to this, the welcoming lighting also gives customers a feeling of safety and can reduce the risk of accidents.

An attractive canopy fascia allows a gas station to shine out far into the distance and invites people to stop off for a break. During the day, attractive fascia boards on the buildings, along with decorative facade signage and pleasantly designed entranceways all work together to provide a clean, customer-friendly look. With secondary signage to give customers directions, you can then also ensure that they don’t have any problems finding their way around your premises and no time is wasted on searching around for what they need.

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LED lighting - maximum light output with minimum energy consumption

Whereas a few years ago, fluorescent lights and neon tubes were the preferred choice for lighting needs, nowadays LED technology is increasingly gaining in significance. Whether you need single letters, illuminated signage or large areas of illuminated advertising - there is nothing in the field of visual communication that cannot be done with energy-efficient yet bright LED lights.

LED solutions not only use significantly less energy than other means of light, they also offer you the opportunity to adapt the brightness according to the particular individual requirements of your gas station. This means, for example, that you can ensure that your premises are appropriately lit up at night, without pushing up your electricity costs to an unnecessarily high level.

As your specialist for signage, Petrol Sign produces, supplies, and fits the following products:

  • Illuminated letters, illuminated signs, illuminated advertising banners
  • Advertising columns and masts
  • Illuminated and non-illuminated signs
  • Systems to give directions, entrance door arrows, outdoor signs
  • Pylons and columns
  • Canopy fascias, fascia boards for your buildings and convenience store,
  • Sales displays and spreaders.

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