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Innovative advertising media for inside and outside

Digital signage and digital labelling at the POI and POS are becoming increasingly popular. Unlike static forms of advertising and information material, this more advanced channel of communication allows carefully timed presentation via LED screens and LED displays of selected content which is tailored to your target group.

These moving pictures attract customers’ attention and arouse curiosity, without any need for an explanation. Whether you want to show advertising presentations or fit a direction-marking system to lead customers around your premises, this innovative and flexible LED technology has now become a part of everyday life at today’s gas stations.

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LED monitors for outdoors use

Exterior advertising through large screen displays opens up a range of completely new possibilities for an attractive, high quality presentation of your company. Our LED outdoor display units are robust, fitted with protection class IP 65 solutions, and all have a dynamic white balance setting, as well as an outstanding level of contrast and optimal colour temperature. Precisely synchronized image optimization technology ensures flicker-free, high resolution pictures, even in direct sunlight or at extreme angles of viewing.

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Digital direction-marking systems

A digital direction-marking system makes sure that your customers can quickly find their way around the gas station and don't have to spend precious time searching around for what they want. Depending on the size of the facilities and the viewing distance, you have the choice of various different sizes of display. Thanks to the compact way that the LED screens are manufactured, they can be easily integrated into your interior via tiltable and pivotable wall or ceiling mounting brackets.

Our LED displays will win you over with their:

  • innovative, lightweight design,
  • excellent picture quality with optimal energy efficiency,
  • ease of operation,
  • high level of flexibility in the presentation of products, as well as
  • countless possibilities for putting them to profitable use.

UWe have a range of different pixel settings in our range to suit the particular conditions at your gas station. The 'pixel pitch' has a direct effect on screen resolution and thus on picture quality, and is therefore an important factor in the selection of the right LED display. As a general rule, you need a smaller space between pixels for interior use than for outdoors use, as the viewer usually stands closer to the screen when indoors.

Are you interested in advertising and/or direction-marking via LED display? Would you like to find out more about our products? Then get in touch with us by phone or via our online contact form. We will be happy to offer you individually tailored and non-binding advice and assistance.