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The best advertisement for your gas station

A canopy fascia which is visible from far off will draw attention and increase the attractiveness of your gas station. Provided with a logo module and light channels, the fascia boards on your buildings will direct car drivers to you day and night and invite them to fill up the car, take a break and perhaps treat themselves to a little snack. Store fascia’s and an attractive light profile create a welcoming, refreshing atmosphere which will surely appeal to your customers.

Canopy fascia’s provide you with an opportunity to put your brand in the right light. Thanks to flexible lettering and processing techniques, there is now huge scope for the implementation of creative ideas in the design of these surfaces. The high quality technical characteristics of our fascia’s ensure good weather resistance and a low requirement for maintenance.

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Energy efficient and environmentally friendly - canopy fascia’s with LED technology

Gas stations normally always leave their lights on in the night and on darker days. This shows that there is considerable scope for energy savings in this area. Canopy and building fascia boards with LED technology not only set distinctive light accents, they also enable you to make significant energy savings in comparison with conventional systems which use neon tubes or fluorescent lights. It doesn't matter whether whole areas are lit up or just certain parts, with or without LED channel, anything is possible.

You will also benefit from the following advantages:

  • high level of light output,
  • long life of the LED units (up to 50,000 hours),
  • high colour saturation and good colour reproduction,
  • continuous range dimmer function,
  • good environmental credentials,
  • quick payback of investment costs.
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Do you have any questions about our store and canopy fascia’s? We would be happy to offer you a one-to-one consultation to discuss all the possible options in the area of fascia technology. We can offer you comprehensive advice in this area. We will find a concept together with you to completely fulfil the requirements and particular demands of your gas station. You can contact us quickly and easily by phone or via our online contact form.