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We set the scene

The visual design of your gas station is an important factor in the success of your company. Starting with the price signs and canopy fascia which are visible from far off, through LED screens and displays, to POS material such as brochure stands, ceiling hangers and advertising banners, there are countless possibilities for designing your fittings in a way that is both customer-friendly and will promote sales.

About Petrol Sign

Petrol Sign has been your qualified business counterpart for illuminated advertising and signage materials for gas stations since the year 2002. Our range of services comprises the conception, production, supply, installation and fitting of all established advertising and operating products for the gas station sector. Our customers include prestigious companies such as Avia, BP, ESSO, Shell and Texaco. Whether you are looking for a standard solution or a completely distinctive look of your own - Petrol Sign is at your service.

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Products and Services

Brightly lit, welcoming and above all clearly laid out - this is how customers imagine the perfect gas station. Petrol Sign supplies you with everything you need to fit out an attractive gas station. In Addition to standard contract materials, we can produce and install elements which have been individually designed for you, precisely tailored to your needs, in any conceivable colour and using all currently used techniques and raw materials. We will determine together with you the most suitable, most affordable and most durable solution for your needs.

Benefit from our many years of experience in the following areas:

  • Consultation and advice, design and innovation
  • Construction and production
  • Installation, maintenance and repairs


As partner to a number of large oil concerns, we have established a good name for ourselves, and we want to continue to show that we have earned this. Through our targeted use of Research and Development, we have become leaders in the conception and implementation of innovative and sustainable solutions in this sector. Our products meet the strictest of criteria and fulfil the most demanding requirements in terms of safety, innovation and value for money.

We work with the latest technologies and materials, some of which have been specially developed for Petrol Sign. The special films and glossy coatings which we use, for example, not only guarantee a distinctive look, but are also weather resistant and have a long life.

Petrol Sign leads the field, in particular in the development and use of LED lighting, a technology that offers our clients the following advantages:

  • high level of light output with low energy consumption
  • durability and reliability
  • short payback period
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Our team

At the heart of Petrol Sign is a team of 70 permanent employees based at three different sites, all very proud of the company and its products. They work together as a close-knit team and with great enthusiasm, and are always prepared to give their utmost to ensure that the customer is satisfied.

Sales Department

Our Sales Department is your first point of contact in the company when it comes to the development and implementation of your plans. You will be offered professional support and advice to allow us to translate your project into reality. Responsibility is taken here for following through the entire coordination of your new project, right up to the series implementation stage.

Administration Department

A good Administration Department is one of the most important foundations for the competitiveness of a company. Our Project Management team works with attention to detail and will make sure that you are never confronted with surprises. They will manage the whole process for you, from the initial survey through to installation.

Design Department

Our Design Department has the most advanced equipment and systems for the realization of any conceivable design. They are equipped with state-of-the-art cutting software and plotters as well as graphics work stations, and it goes without saying that our designers have a good deal of creative talent too.

Installation Department

Our fitters always look for the best solution for your needs and requirements. They will only consider your task to be completed when you are one hundred percent satisfied.